From minor to major, necklaces to rings, our master goldsmiths do nearly all repairs and heirloom restorations right here in our store. As a complimentary service, we perform basic cleanings and inspections. Most repairs are completed within a few days. In a rush? Ask about our express service.

Problem Repair or Service Why it’s important Standard Repair Time Express Service
Ring is to tight Size ring up If you hurt your finger they may cut your ring off in the emergency room which is very expensive. 3-5 days Yes 1 hour
Ring is to loose Size ring down Your ring could easily come off when performing routine tasks. 3-5 days Yes 1 hour
Ring spins on your finger Gold balls Gold balls are placed on the bottom of your ring. They lightly hug your finger and keep your ring from spinning. 3-5 days Yes 1 hour
Arthritic Knuckle Adjustable shank If your ring causes pain because of arthritis, we will install an adjustable shank. This allows you to open and close the ring, securing it without pain. 3-5 days Contact store