Eternity Band

Diamond & Gemstone Setting

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Project Description

We set thousands of diamonds and gemstones on site at our store. Joe is not only the owner, he is also our professional diamond and gemstone setter on premises. It takes a lot of patients and precision to properly set a diamond to make it shine to its fullest potential. We’ve also had people wonder how we do it. This is a brief explanation behind the craftsman’s bench.

First we lay the gemstone all out and measure them to make sure they are matching in size. Then we choose the size of our drilling burs accordingly. The seats or otherwise known as the bering is then cut into the metal using different size burs.

We use a bud bur which is used to remove some metal from the base of the setting, then a heart bur, known as a setting bur which is used to cut the bering, which is where the outside edge of the diamond also called the girdle sits.Once the girdle is properly fitted into the seat, we then take pliers to lightly tighten and beading tools to round the prongs off applying different levels of pressure so that the diamond is set level and equal with the diamond adjacent to it.

Once all the diamonds are tight, the prongs are then filed down, burred using a cup shaped bur to round out the rough edge of the file. This is done so that the prongs don’t snag or catch on articles of clothing.

Finally the ring is polished using a series of buffing wheels, compounds that produces a high luster in gold, silver, or other precious metals. Then using and ultrasonic cleaner to remove any excess polishing compound from the finished ring. Then the final step is to steam of any remaining, compound or ultrasonic cleaning fluid from the ring.

The finished product is an absolutely stunning eternity band.